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Our philosophy is that fast food can be both tasty and healthy. At Pita Pete's we have no franchise costs and we rarely advertise. These savings are put into the quality and quantity of the food we serve.

Your pita is made fresh at the Al Khyam Bakery of Chicago. Our pita bread is pure, only water, flour, yeast and a little salt is used in its production and no fat, preservatives or texturizers are added. Our hummus is made on site, using an old Lebanese recipe. Its smoothness and slight lemon flavor bring out the great taste of fresh raw vegetables.

We have over 30 toppings to choose from and 25 different sauces to compliment any of our 18 pitas or salads. That is, literally, billions of different combinations to choose from. Don't let the numbers scare you though. If you want a B.L. and no T., our friendly staff will be there for you. If you want a pita with all 30 toppings, our staff will be happy to load it up and help you choose a sauce.

Unlike some restaurants, we don't charge extra for some toppings like feta cheese, hot giardiniera, or kalamata olives. We could build you a different pita everyday... for YEARS. For those loyal customers that already know that - THANK YOU so very much.

Pita Pete's accepts carry out and delivery orders by phone and online. We accept cash, and all major credit cards, but do not accept checks.

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